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Why Pursue an Investment Management Career?

you will help boost the global economy

Investment of capital makes the global economy run, every day. The U.S. would have struggled to create a national economy post World War II without money invested by asset management firms to build its highway infrastructure. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind would not be a reality today, and in certain parts of the developing world, people would still be without clean drinking water if not for investment in water treatment facilities.

your job will have positive social impact

Our cities, institutions, corporations and people's retirement security depend on effective stewardship of capital. Smart investing in today's increasingly complex global economy requires extraordinary talent, skill and teamwork. Success will depend on diverse groups of people with unique perspectives working together to achieve investment objectives. 

you will be a critical part of innovation across the globe

Without investment, Facebook and Amazon might have been just interesting projects hatched in a dorm room or garage. Starbucks might still be just a few coffee shops in Seattle without investors who enabled the company to expand to over 20,000 stores worldwide today. The world's most innovative companies rely on investors to fund growth and expansion.



  • Four-week educational experience at either the University of Pennsylvania or University of Notre Dame, learning core finance and investment concepts from top professors and building relationships with industry leaders, all with free tuition, room, and board on-campus.

  • Six-week paid internship - secured by Girls Who Invest - at a leading asset management firm around the world.

  • Access to a supportive professional community and the GWI private job board upon completion of the program.

  • Additional resources to help you succeed, such as a Bloomberg Terminal training, interview preparation, and one-on-one career coaching.

  • Open to sophomores studying at U.S. universities, as the program takes place during the summer between sophomore and junior year.

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Girls Who Invest Online Learner Programs

  • Sophomores studying at U.S. colleges and universities can join the GWI community through our tuition-free, self-directed online programs.

  • Online programs include the CFA Investment Foundations course, Wall Street Prep, and content from Wharton Online.